Meatless or veggiefull: you decide

My husband and I have been doing Meatless Mondays for over a year.  It’s been easy to incorporate into our weekly dinner menus, fun to try new recipes and many times ends up being a more frequent occasion than once a week.

When friends first learn about our Meatless Mondays, their initial reaction tends to be one of disbelief, followed immediately by worry that we’ll try to convince them to try it too.  Or even worse invite them over for a Monday night dinner!  In fact, when I first suggested Meatless Monday, Nathan’s reaction was pretty similar: worry that once a week he’ll have to miss out on a yummy dinner and instead settle for meatless mediocracy.


What our dinner says about us

An interesting perspective in an article from

 “As we depend on factory produced food, we become as much a product of the factory as have the animals on whom we feed. All of us, livestock and humans alike, are caught up in a system that is torturous to them and that dehumanizes us.”
I find the notion of our “dehumanization” very powerful.  It seems that many, if not most, animal welfare, vegetarian and vegan movements naturally focus on the animals.  What I find interesting is that very few focus on what it means for us humans. (more…)

Grocery stores embrace organic

Over the last year I have been incredibly happy to see some of the grocery stores embracing the organic movement and starting to stock their shelves with sustainably-produced products. Today, I’ll focus on the two stores I frequent often, mostly because of convenience and price: Nob Hill and Safeway.


Some we love, some we hate, some we eat – intro

Even as a Kindle-owner and technology-lover I still adore book stores!  I love the quiet hum of conversations, the new book smell, row after row and shelf after shelf of perfect organization, and of course the books, seducing me with their clever titles and bright pictures.  Add a cafe and I’m a goner…

During my last visit at Book Shop Santa Cruz, a title caught my eye as my husband and I were slowly making our way through the store: “Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat”.  How perfect, I thought! In my search on kinder eating, this exact dilemma had come up very early on and I have yet to understand the hypocrisy behind  those three almost arbitrary choices.

I’ll post my thoughts as I make my way through the book, which hopefully will shed some light on not only the ‘why’ of our behavior, but also how to use that knowledge to be a kinder eater.