Company Response – Safeway

Safeway was initially ruled out as a source of humanely-raised products, but I did hear back from a representative about Open Nature, Safeway’s newest organic brand which just launched a month ago.  They tout no antibiotics, no hormones, all-veg diet, etc, which is great for us humans, but doesn’t necessarily reflect humane treatment of the animals.  I am waiting to hear back with a clarification.

I received a follow-up response from Safeway with this message:

“Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry on the treatment of the animals. The Open Nature animals have access to the outside when the weather permits. The animals consumes organic grains in the winters months. Grass  (maybe organic grains – as a supplement) in the summer months. The animals all recieve humane treatment.”

Not sure what to think, I am for some reason skeptical, but I will check out my usual Safeway for the Open Nature products to see if the packaging provides more details.