Grocery stores embrace organic

Over the last year I have been incredibly happy to see some of the grocery stores embracing the organic movement and starting to stock their shelves with sustainably-produced products. Today, I’ll focus on the two stores I frequent often, mostly because of convenience and price: Nob Hill and Safeway.


Nob Hill Foods‘ organic brand, FullCircleincludes just about anything you may want to stock in your fridge, pantry, bathroom or hall closet: canned and dry products, meat, veggies, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc.  The stores are a little less prevalent than I’d like, but if there is a Nob Hill near by (find your local Nob Hill store), its a great place to get your organic and humanely-raised products.

To view the company’s response to my question about humane-handling of animals, just see my post here.

I first heard about OpenNature about a year ago, and since then have seen the product choices expand from only chicken and sausage to lamb, frozen foods, salad dressings and even some deli stuff.  This brand is another great (as well as convenient and affordable!) choice for humanely-raised products.  See what other products OpenNature carries.
Also, if you are a seafood fiend (as I am), you’ll be happy to learn that Safeway (and family store Vons) tops the Greenpeace seafood sustainability listing.  Grocery giant has already discontinued sales of any ‘red-list’ or unsustainably caught species and just this month announced that its Safeway brand canned tuna will now be responsibly obtained by the end of 2012.