Today I came across a blog post with some very insightful commentary (thanks to Pearl!) which led me to organize some of my thoughts, ideas and next steps, all of which are described on the newly added “approach” page.

“But if people don’t see the cruelty issue as enough motivation to overcome the availability / labeling / logistics / money issues, then the trick is to make it about *them*. Make it personally beneficial to them.”

What a great point!  What do incredibly successful businesses and individuals have in common?  They understand and live by the rule that no matter how awesome their products or ideas are and no matter how passionately they feel about them, the customer cares about one thing: “what’s in it for me“. And so they focus their marketing and selling efforts on answering exactly that question.

This insight has helped me change my approach from “help the animals” to “help yourself” which, I think, will be much more welcome and successful.  Pearl also mentioned the age-old proverb “you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar”, which is the idea behind Eating Kind and a good attitude to have in all walks of life.  All in all, it was a great and through-provoking read!