Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner is not a new concept: it’s fun, easy to make and also makes a great meatless option!

The choices are many: from french toast to just about anything starring eggs. If you’re craving a more traditional breakfast, there are many meatless sausages and links available, but in my opinion a fluffy omelette loaded with yummy veggies doesn’t even need meat, substitute or not.

Here are just a few breakfast menu categories for a delicious and unique Meatless Monday meal:

  • For a dinner and a dessert in one, try french toast, pancakes or waffles, piled high with your favorite fruit and a sprinkle of powdered sugar
  • For a more savory dinner, go for an omelette filled with cheese (and don’t stop at just one kind!), veggies and topped with slices of avocado
  • For the adventurous cook in the audience, whip up a quiche (possibilities for filling are endless: spinach, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc) for a decadent and cheesy dinner

Still hungry? Add some hash-browns or roasted potatoes as a side and breakfast for dinner has never tasted better!

Two classics, with a Meatless Monday twist

When a friend of mine introduced me to Trader Joe’s soyrizo (yep, its exactly what it sounds like  – a soy version of chorizo), it quickly became one of my favorite Meatless Monday ingredients, and has been ever since! There are many other brands of the soyrizo out there, so be sure to try several to find your top choice!

Here are two classics with a soyrizo twist – both are deliciously savory and will be a hit with even the most serious meat eaters!


Meatless Mondays – everyone is doing it

My husband and I started Meatless Mondays about two years ago and since then I’ve been very excited to see several of my friends and family adopting this easy, but extremely influential, diet change.  And I’m even more delighted when I see large organizations such as hospitals, universities and restaurants implementing Meatless Monday!

Here are just a few examples (there are many more!) of how businesses and even cities around U.S. are going meatless once a week.


US meat consumption is down, but we’re still out-eating the world & other interesting stats

American beef consumption is down – USDA shows a 5% decrease between 2002 and 2010 and a poll done by NPR finds that as many as 39% of us are eating less red meat today than three years ago.

This is good news. It means more of us are eating healthier (also, less environmental impact, fewer animals killed for food, etc). Unfortunately, America is still eating more meat per capita than any other country! And it’s not a stretch to assume that this is thanks in part to our indecently huge subsidies for corn and soy that’s fed to livestock… but I’ll save that discussion for another blog post.

Three main reasons attributed to our decreased meat intake are increases in price, health consciousnesses and most recently social awareness.

The financial correlation is a simple one: when meat is cheap or incomes go up, meat consumption goes up. This has been true in the history of America and other countries, most recently in the developing regions where salaries and the middle class are on the rise. The opposite is also true: when meat prices go up or incomes go down, meat consumption goes down as well.  The latest from USDA shows cost of beef per pound increasing 7.5% from 2005 and 2010. And the recession doesn’t help either.


Grillmaster fruit

On those hot summer days when the coals are hot (or propane is flowing) and the delicious BBQ aromas fill the air, there is one food group that often gets the short end of the grilling stick. I’m talking about fruit. While meat and veggies are BBQ no-brainers, fruit rarely makes it to the party.

And what a shame when there are so many grill-worthy fruits that provide a delicious, healthy, and vegetarian alternative to traditional desserts!  Here are three of my favorites for my Meatless Monday grill days.