Company Response – Steakhouses + Others

I finally got a hold of the folks at House of Prime Rib, Alexander’s Steakhouse and Boulevard today!

Bad news first.

HOPR responded that they “they do their best”  to buy humanely-raised meat(the general manager didn’t sound too convincing on the phone ) but that they do buy their meat from Cargill only.  After doing some research on the website, it loos like Cargill is considered to be one of the cleaner and better run slaughterhouses, but it is still just another CAFO.  So sad!

Good news.

Spoke to a very interested meat buyer at Alexander’s Steakhouse (the Cupertino location) who explained that some of the items on the menu are humanely-raised, while others are not.  Even though they don’t currently make buying decisions according to how the animals are raised, they are very open to it.  The gentleman I spoke with, C., asked me to send him an email summing up my questions and our conversation, and said that at Alexander’s they want to please the customer and are very open to carrying humanely-raised products if that is what the customers are asking for.  Yay!  Go Alexander’s!

More good news.

Had a great conversation with the manager at Boulevard who said that Nancy Oakes, chef at Boulevard, is extremely dedicated to buying humanely-raised meat and sustainably farmed seafood.  Their menu even has the following disclaimer “our menu is guided by the principles of sustainability.”  Yes!! Next time you’re at Boulevard, enjoy the delicious food and know you’re eating kind!

Still waiting to hear back from Forbes.